A.M., born and raised in Pennsylvania, is a jewelry designer, instructor & all-around crafty lady in her 20's.

She's been a jewelry maker for almost ten years.
In 2008, she graduated in Philadelphia PA with a degree in Graphic Design, Since then, she has been working as a freelancer. She specializes in Typography, Type-Setting and Vector Illustration. Her design work has been featured in various National Ad Campaigns, Catalogs, Social Media Pages and Magazines.

A.M. started this blog in order to share her daily life. It will include design tips and tutorials, as well as promote her jewelry work. While the blog focuses on DIY Jewelry tutorials, A.M. frequently shares her other passions - vinyl records, tattooing, makeup reviews, scooters and animals.

If you are in the San Diego area, she also offers One-On-One Private Lessons.

"I am very eager to help beginners get their foot in the door with standard basic skill sets. I am equipped to help students, both children and adults, get started on their path to jewelry making. I am always happy to help you after our lessons as well, picking and mixing colors/materials/design. I specialize in beginner's beading instruction. I have lessons that cover production of: Single Strand, Multi-Strand, Earrings, Charm Bracelets, Mixed Media Bracelets, and Stretchy Bracelets. I also teach Basic Color Theory, Basic Beaded Jewelry Design, Light Wire Working, and and all about findings/chain/metals/supply quality. I am also very good at identifying techniques. If there's a specific piece you'd like to duplicate, let me know!"


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